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Holiday France, Belfort

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I have a story about my holiday in France:

Sunday, July 20, 2014: 

I was up today at 07:00 because today we went to France, Belfort. We first went to eat breakfast and packing stuff, but we left at 09:00! Luckily we had no traffic jams, but not everything went as we wanted the TomTom sent us throug all backroads so, my brother, wannes got his mobile with google maps,  and that went much better! But at one point his cellphone went black.... but yeah we all arrived good at our destination, and on the way we also went to war memorials and something called: the ossuary. And this was the first holiday I had in my e-reader, saves space! When we were there we were welcomed by Fabienne, she explained to us how everything worked and stuff. When we went to get something to eat: Pizza! We passed all sorts of things, but ultimately we chose the restaurant where we went by first. The pizzas were delicious, Meike had took spaghetti also delicious and we also have cola and other beverages. We arrived home at about 21:30, and Hugo and Marian arrived at 23:00 to sleep with us.
Monday, July 21, 2014: 

I woke up at 10:00 today, then we went to breakfast. It was raining hard so we stayed inside, Then we went to look at the pictures of the holiday of Hugo and Marian and then we went to play Mastermind. When we had played two games it finally stopped raining, so we went to the castle of Belfort, the "Citadelle". There found a cache and we went into the "Citadelle" buy an ice cream, when we came out of the ice cream shop it rained again :-(! So we went to go home and when we were back inside the rain stopped, but we did not feel like going all the way up again so we stayed inside, then Mom, Meike and I continue with Mastermind.. and I had guessedi right, but we stayed in but Pa and Marian went into the village. When they came back Hugo and Wannes already started working on the dinner, we had nasi delicious. But meanwhile I watched some episodes of "Strike Back". After dinner I went on with watching "Strike Back", then I started reading because I was tired looking at the computer screen. I went to bed at 00:30. 

Summerholiday Italy/Switserland 2013, 5 juli 2013 to 20 juli 2013

Hello Blog Readers!

I'm writing today about my trip to Italy and Switzerland.

Holiday in Italy:

Friday, July 5, 2013 holiday Italy:

Today I got up at 4:00 (four o'clock in the morning) we did because we had no traffic jams. Because today we went to Italy for a week. We went gently down because everyone around was still asleep we were packing up and done everything in the car, we were happy everything did fit in the car! It was about 1137 KM to our holiday home in Italy, it was a small village called: Sottocroda. at 04:45 were ready to leave. We had to go through Germany and Austria and in Germany are always the most traffic jams and strangely there were no traffic jams when we drove there. The annoying of driving through all of these countries was that you need a tag to drive through Switzerland and Austria and that was very expensive! Along the way we stopped two or more times to refuel or to buy things for example Haribo, yummy! When we finally arrived at the village it was 18:30 when we arrived and no traffic jams! :-). The owner of the cottage was Dutch so that was convenient, they showed us everything in the house and there was a built-in radio very cool! And I slept on the top floor, and what was also convenient that you know where everything was in the kitchen. The only downside of the house was that there was a TV but only with Italian channels and no Dutch channels, so I missed 2X Whole Holland Bakes, but that still does not matter because when I got home I could surely see the Missed Broadcast, and apparently I was not allowed to watching Missed Broadcast in Italy! Today we went to a pizza restaurant, and as always I chose the pizza Quatro Fromaggi and I had 2X cola on because I was thirsty. When we went back to the cottage because in Italy it is always earlier dark than in the Netherlands. Once home I remained on until 22:45 (quarter to 11 in the evening).

Saturday, July 6, 2013:

I was up today at 11:00 and I heard a lawnmower outside very irritating! Today we went to the triathlon wich was held by the two lakes, this time we went by car because if you go on foot then it is much more dangerous. At 12:00 we arrived at the triathlon, this was just a mini triathlon because the normal triathlon you swim 2 KM, cycle 100 KM  and run 20 KM, but these athletes had only just started at 14:15 and arrived at 15:15 so this was definitely a mini triathlon. We also had a nice swim in the lake and the water was the right temperature! I had left on my sandals on because they were waterproof, later in the afternoon we went to look at the triathlon boys / girls junior. When the athletes were gone ma, pa, Meike and I had gone swimming, Wannes doesn't like water and sand so he didn't go. At 15:15 we left because we had already seen enough, especially Dad! We could not go home because the way home was closed for the triathlon, so we went to Vittorio Veneto a very nice village! We drove around because we could not return to Sottocroda before 18:30. We bought ice cream at the supermarket and then we went to a nice bar, I had a Coke, Meike had a Icetea, Dad had a small beer and wannes had a large beer and my mother had again a..... PROSECCO in an abnormal large glass! At 18:05 we went back home but we had to detour via Fratta because the way home is still closed. Once home I checked my Facebook-account and first I had internet which was nice because I would be able to sent an email to grandma how it was here, then then the WIFI-connection was down again .... at 22:30 o'clock in the evening we were going to do a fun game, unfortunately we stopped at 23:30! I went to bed at 00:10.

hello blog readers: the rest of my notes from Italy / Switzerland are lost

Startersday Jumbo 04-05-2013

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I'm going to tell you today about the Starters day at my supermarket called: Jumbo. I got up at 7:30 (half 8) because I had to be there at 8:30 (half past 8), when I got there they all stood outside but it was too hot so I went inside because they always have airconditioning in the supermarket. Behind the shelves they had a vending machine for coffee and tea. When I went anywayI went to go outside to talk with my colleagues then there was announced that we all had to go inside. The leaders and a few colleagues introduced themselves. Then we went to talk about the Seven Certainties, but that did not last long. Then we had a tour of the store, there were 125 people there so we were categorized by the month when we have a birthday. So I had to wait very long because my birthday is in December! There was also told by the people of the tour,  that when you work, you must clock out with a blue thingy, My dad has one too and with him they call it a drop. That the Jumbo opens on May 8, 2013 at 9:00 in the morning! Then we went to give the people in the village those cards with coins you use it to take shoppingcarts with you. We were back at 12:30 (half past twelve), then I ate some ice cream with my colleagues.

Trip to Amsterdam 5-05-2013 to 10-05-2013

Hello Blog Readers!

I'm going to write a story about the trip to Amsterdam!

Sunday, May 5, 2013 Liberation Day:

I got up at 10am today because we went to Amsterdam! It did not take long because we were exactly at 3 am at the house. The street was the Fahrenheitstraat 52. There were two doors because there were people who rented the ground floor of the house. But now the whole house is of their own, which is why we pressed the wrong bell. As I had already written we arrived exactly at 3 am at the house, we got some information from the mother and then went to the liberation concert at the Amstel. Dad thought it was nice but is was not. Nick and Simon sang there and the Marine Band, wannes thought it was a building! But it was an orchestra .... When we got there we were still standing somewhere else because it was very crowdy, we had finally found a place on the bridge called "the skinny bridge"! We all stood there at 19:00 and it started at 20:00 so we stood there for an hour waiting for it began. And it was not until 22:00, so we stood there for 2 hours and I had very bad pain in my back! But luckily we went to a cafe at 22:00 "the steelmasters" and we have hot chocolate with whipped cream on it. Along the road we came across the boat with Maxima, Willem-Alexander and Beatrix on it! Then we took the subway back home, when we were at the house we went to solve the padlock key that we could not solve in the morning, we padlock in the Because we went the next day to the city, but he did not fit in so had to Meike Wannes back, but we did until tomorrow.

Monday, May 6, 2013:

I got up today at about half past 9 or 10 AM. Today we went to Amsterdam, as I already wrote Meike had to go at the back of the Wannes his bike. It's pretty crowded in Amsterdam so you have to be careful where you drive. We first went to the Albert Cuyp market, I have a tasty sandwich on! Then we went to the Sarphatipark, we rested. From there we take a walk through the city, went shopping .... We could not all the time stay in the city because it was already 15:00. But Dad was again disagreed so when we went to Van Gogh Museum. Along with a crossover hit mom and I, wannes, Dad and Meike lost! But luckily I had my phone on and so when we found each other quickly. Finally we went to the Van Gogh Museum, it was not long because Dad wanted only "the potato" see wannes called it the aardappelkaners! We went up another level but remained there only briefly. Pa wanted on the way back to the bikes even to the Rijksmuseum, but we did not because it was already half past five, we were at the house at half past six return address.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013:

We had to get up very early at 8am! Because we went to the Anne Frank House because there is always a very long que. But unfortunately I did not get up quickly because I was downstairs at 8:15. We left at 9:00, we wanted to be there at 9:00, but we were there at 9:30. And the que was all the way to the canal! But yeah ... we closed in with the que at 9:50 and we were in at 11:00, so that was not so very long, But it was worth it because I found it very interesting! Then we went to a museum on the IJ called "EYE". First we had to go across by ferry. Honestly I did not so much because it was more of a movie theater than a museum. The best I found a "flip book", you must do something for a device and than he tapes it. You can buy it for 4.95 at the checkout (you can pin only). There was also a quiz, at first I had four good and the second three good so I was not very good at, Meike and Dad had won them both. Then we went to lie in the on the field at the "EYE" but we have gone home quickly because it started to rain.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013:

I got up at 9:30 today, today we went to the Rijksmuseum. When we arrived at the Rijksmuseum there was a very long line so we decided to first get to town. In Wanted in the city Meike and ma still in those clothes, so we decided to split. Ma and Pa and Meike went shopping, Wannes and I went to the Amsterdam museum. Luckily we had our museum tickets in different years we had to pay 30 euros, in the museum we went to the golden age, it was there told everything about Amsterdam and the buildings which were above and below the water level. Finally there was an animation of how Amsterdam has arisen! In 1100 there was nothing but Amsterdam in 1200 was just great as they Hilvarenbeek now. In 1900, the Rijksmuseum just come. It went from 1100 to 2007. Then we went to the Rijksmuseum for there we would see ma and Meike again, but it was not until 13:10, so when we walked down the street and saw that this scaffolding with the text: COME LOOK IT IS 24 METERS DEEP . It was very short but it was very nice to pass the time. When we came out it was 13:15, so we were only 5 minutes. Maarja ... When we walked back we came ma and Meike who just wanted to go to their last shop and then they went to the Rijksmuseum, but we had previously done. When mom and Meike still went to the H & M and then we went to the Rijksmuseum to see if the row had become shorter, but that was unfortunately not so .... We went anyway stand in line and shot pretty well. If we had gone to 12 before we were half to 2 hours or more in line. When we were inside the building line on lap less but fortunately we were able to talk to people we had met, they came out from a picture from Groningen Leek called and they were very nice! When we finally arrived we were immediately museum because we had season tickets. It is completely renewed we first went to the Middle Ages, I found it very fun and interesting especially the Night Watch and we have a lot of pictures! Then we cycled home quickly because it was raining. When we got home I was glad we were cycled home because it was raining hard early!

Thursday, May 9, 2013:

We went today to the NEMO, this time we went right differently than usual because we always went left when we wanted to Amsterdam and we should not go there. Because NEMO is located right at the other end of Amsterdam, so we did not have in the city. Once at NEMO, it is a museum is shaped like a large ship, but it is not a museum with paintings and stuff .. All you can do fun things like a coin put in a funnel and then see how it rolls into the hole there. We had also been to a show that was in such locally in NEMO where they all explained what you needed when you enter the room. And how much water and land there is on the earth and how you can use that in the space that was interesting! Then we started looking Wannes and Meike because they did not want to stay with us and we had a drink on the terrace outside NEMO. Wannes had chocolate we went to the maritime museum which was next to NEMO. In a cup that warms himself, then We went inside and came on a square with a beautiful roof, Dad went to a woman to ask what "nautical" da was found to be a show. We had the last tickets so the people who were behind us had bad luck! When we arrived we had to sit on a couch and go rowing, with the handle inside I was thinking of why should we do this? after the show I saw that we were put in rowing boats and then that you could buy at the bali for 7 euros, far too expensive! Then we are just going to make pictures on the ship and went on the bike to the house return address, and there we have pizzas. Evening at 19:30 to 22:00 we went to the Little Comedy! It was keigrappig and it took 2 hours. We were only at 23 o'clock when we went home and watch another episode of the Danish / Swedish detective "The Bridge". And that was our home exchange in Amsterdam!

C1000 trip with my colleagues to Jumbo distribution center in Veghel

Hello Blog Readers!

Today I'm going to tell a story that I have been to the Jumbo distribution center in Veghel with my colleagues

Monday, April 2, 013:

I had to get up early today because I thought the bus arrived at 8:00, so ik went to the C1000 at 7:40 (ten to eight)  but the bus was there already at 7:45 (quarter to eight). When I arrived at the C1000, everyone was waiting for the bus that arrived. In the bus I  sat next to Jelleny (colleague) or behind Maud and Inge (colleagues) and we also got sandwiches. We also had to introduce each other, how your name was, what was your role in the new Jumbo. When we arrived at the distribution center we got a cup of coffee or tea. We also got a T-shirt on the back 'HI JUMBO'. In the bus we had a Keycord with a figure it, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8, I had 6. Then we went to another room where everyone first proposed eachother, we went out with one also had the same number as we had on our card. We went by bus went we learn things about the 7 Daily Certainties to a building and Jumbo: Euros cheaper, service with a smile, for all your shopping, Fresh is also really fresh, Raft shopping, Not satisfied? Reimbursed, your wishes are central. Wedid skits that someone was a customer and the other staff, as they come with difficult questions that you know how to fix them. When we got inside there were when that paper plates and there you had to write your name and function. Luckily I did not have to do because I am at the empty bottles, you do not have much contact with the customers. At 12:30 (half past twelve) we went here for lunch, then we went again. After lunch we went on with smooth shopping if your  the 4th waiting at the box office is that you get all your groceries for free. For some it was a bit difficult because the person being helped is not the 1st waiting, if there are three behind the 3rd 4th isn't waiting, that is if there are four behind. Then we had to make a test of the Seven Certainties, I had 6 questions not right and that was fast-paced they said. Then we went back on the bus and we went back to another building where they make the beer crates and flowers. Once there we were again divided into groups the Seven Certainties, I just do not remember what I had. We went up the stairs and if you were up you could see the whole hall where the crates and empty bottles came in, the pockets where the bottles are they called big bags. When we went over the bridge that went all the way down the hall to another building, but we were still in the hall. Then we went all the way back and we went in the refrigerator where they keep all the flowers, another room was a little bigger and there they made the flowers themselves. He also explained what they did with the buckets, because they get the older flowers out and put the new flowers in, but that's not good because then you get bacteria in the new flowers. The buckets they melt and then they make some new buckets. When we went back with the bus back to the distribution center. There we listened to a speech and we went at 17:45 (quarter to six) to the dinner. Then we drove to the C1000 with the bus, and that was the end of my trip to the Jumbo distribution center! And I came just in time for soccer practice! :-)

Sailing with Jack, Ruben and Carl

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below is my story of the sailing weekend 2013:

Saturday, September 14, 2013:

Today I actually had to work at the Jumbo but last week I had asked , because it was actually 3 weeks in advance and I had done it accidentally one week in advance. At 9:00 I had to be with Jack for sailing in Zeeland, Bruinisse. Ruben, a friend from school, came later, and Jack went a cup of tea or coffee. And the owner of the boat Odin and Carl were there too. When we left I accidentally found a note from 10 in my pocket. It was 78 KM drive to Bruinisse, when we arrived there was "Port Bruinisse, welcome". When we were there I and Odin went to get carts for our luggage to be transported, it cost 1 euro to take a cart and carts were necessary because we had luggage for 4 people. When we were on the boat we were first put the luggage in the boat, Ruben and I had the biggest bedroom. Then we went to go to the toilet, the boatwas called "Senang" and the brand was just like the beer brand Bavaria, hahahaha! The island we went to was called "Stampersplaat" in Dutch, but we had to be first to go there. Ruben had the card because he was very well with reading the map of the country and it turned out to be that he was also good at reading seacards. I just sat on the bench next to the steering wheel (on the way to the island).

Holiday Germany 6-08-2012 to 10-08-2012

Hello Blog Readers !

This story is about my holiday in Germany from 6th August to 10th August 2012!

Monday , 6 August 2012:

This is my second trip to Germany, I got up at 7:30 today because at 9:00 I had to at Jack's place, my supervisor. A friend of Jack , Jan -Willem also came. We went with 5 people  to Germany , Carl, Curtley and my friend from school Ruben, Jack and Jan-Willem. the last camp where we went to was called Sensweiler Mühle, and we went to the same place thsi year too! Last year (2011) it took us less to get there, but this year we forgot the way to the camping! (2012). When we finally arrived at the campsite we went to fix the beds but Jack said we had to do that evening , 'cause we just arrived and it was way too much work. We first went mow the grass, because that was grown much too high. Meanwhile, we made a fire to because then we could go BBQ'ing. delicious So Jack went shopping at a village near our campsite was. Jack bought COLA MIX, which is a drink of cola and orange mixed together. We were sitting round the campfire 'til 00:30 in the evening.

Tuesday , 7 August 2012:

I got up today at 9:45. We had breakfast, yesterday I had the plan to walk on the mountain we did last year I was very tired last year so I was hoping that did succeed this year. We went to search a cache called (in German) "Keltenschatz". For those who do not know what geocaching is, that is that you have o go to a certain place with a device and if you are there you need to look where the cache is hid. usually it's in a photo roll-box. There are all other assignments with geocaching : Multi , Micro etc. We would go find two caches but were all  very tired. Once back at the campsite we went straight to create a campfire. Jack and Curtley had gone shopping, Then we sat around the campfire and finally went to bed at 00:20.

Wednesday , 8 August 2012:

Today I got up at 11:40. Today we went to search the cache "Festungscache", the cache was hidden in ruins of an little old fortress. It was a long walk, the fortress was actually not more of a pile of rocks. I thought is quite an easy a find, but just when we wanted to leave, Jack had found the cache. Jan- Willem said there was another cache nearby, called the "Bärenschliefe". The hint was "Unter Steinen" which means, under stones. There we didn't find the cache because there were stones everywhere. The third cache was really cool because it was in a tunnel, but unfortunately we had not found the cache. But we would go back later because there was water and it was very dark so we had flashlights otherwise we could not find the cache. When we went back to the campsite we were going to make a fire . there baked sausages and bacon, yummy! I finally went to bed at 00:25.

Thursday , 9 August 2012:

I got up today at 9:30. We actually did not do much today, because this was the last day of the holiday. Tonight went looking for a cache that you can search only at night and I was not really in favor..... everyone liked it a lot so I also went along. Actually it was a rest day today because we were going to do something tonight only. Jan-Willem said they would be back at 01:00 or later. Jack had gone shopping with Curtley and they had bought those sweet, delicious sandwiches. Then we went to Idar-Oberstein, we must do something or else we were doing nothing. There we walked through the city, and had a drink at a pub, Curtley had bought a watch at a store. I have also bought a toothbrush that was because I forgot to bring mine from home. Then we went to camp, I went back there to read something from my three books. I sat by the campfire until 00:35 and then I went to bed.

Friday, 10 August 2012:

I got up early today because this was the last day of my vacation in Germany. I grabbed my suitcase, we made ​​all caravans clean and went home. But first we went to eat at Burger King we had fries with a hamburger and cola for drinks. Then we took everyone home.

And this was my holyday to germany, I hope you liked it!

Excursion Mytylschool Tilburg to Heritage Depot in Riel, city tour in Tilburg and the Loonse en Drunense Dunes

Hello Blog Readers !

Here's a story from my school to tour with the Heritage depot in Riel , the tour in Tilburg and the Dunes:

Thursday, April 18th, 2013:

Heritage depot in Riel

When we arrived at school by taxi we had first class discussion , the teacher then says ' do you have special things ? ' . At 9:15 we went in different cars , I sat in the car of each teacher . At 9:30 we arrived at the depot in Heritage Riel . When we got inside we went to drink Coffee , Tea and Biscuits. Then we went to do a photosearch, but there were only seven questions so we were ready very quickly. After the photo search I took some pictures. You could see all things from the past , what was once a school , a kitchen and old phones . We had a drink and some cookies and then we moved on to the next activity.

city ​​tour in Tilburg

After Heritage depot in Riel we went to Tilburg for a quest , the teachers divided us into groups first . We have been at St. Joseph Church . there were some questions about how the church is called , how many images there were in the church that there were therefore five , but we did not see because we were at the front. After that forests continue but then there were girls who asked if we wanted some ice cream because they had too much , and the other had none because they were not with us in the group ! Then we went somewhere and there were pipes with glass in it, and if you saw it all nuns of yesteryear . Near there was also a statue and question was when it was put there : in November 1964 . when we went to a building that very much resembled as a castle , the question was how many windows there were in that castle! We guessed that there were 32 . Unfortunately we could not do all the questions because the time was over and we had to go to the dunes.

The dunes 

We went by car to the dunes , when we got there the wind was blowing hard ! From the parking lot we went to the dunes where we afternoons were listening that many knew of the dunes . At 14:00 ( 2 o'clock) to a lady But first we were having fun, running down the slope and so on. Because that area was large beach but without sea, at 13:30 (half past 12) we went here for lunch , the teacher had said in advance that we had to bring our own bread or they were unlucky because we had only candy and drink at . Then we went climbing in the trees , at least I didn;t do it but the others did do it: Bas and Ricardo (classmates) . At 14:00 it was time that the woman came to tell about dunes. A long time ago the dunes were a swamp , and because there are no people dared to come. But later there were people who changed it  completely. When we went back to the parking lot we were halfway there for a moment at a monument of World War II where 14 men were shot as they tried to do something what was forbidden by the Germans. At the end of the day we have made ​​a group ! And we first went to school, but when we were at school was 15:20 (ten mintues before half past three) so when we had to wait. But fortunately the teacher said we had to go home at 15:25 (five minutes before half past three)!